NWZC and the Balaji Temple trip to London 30 Nov 13

NWZC (North West Zoroastrian Community) and key people from the Balaji Temple visited the Everlasting Flame Exhibition and the Zoroastrian Centre in Harrow.


Malcolm Deboo, President of the ZTFE was a fantastic Guide at the Exhibition – thank you Malcolm! The exhibition will close on 14 Dec 13, please try and get there! The exhibition has had the largest ever attendance for an exhibition at the Brunei Gallery, SOAS.

Thanks to all the wonderful friends at the Zoroastrian Centre who made us feel welcome – too many names to mention. The food was wonderful and so was their hospitality.

Thanks to Jimmy Suratia and Jyothi Ramaiah for organising the day and Kuldeep for organising the coach.

“The trip to The Everlasting Flame from the Balaji Temple with the Parsis of the North West Zoroastrian Community proved to be a wonderful day of interfaith in action.
Following on from the Zoroastrian (Parsi) Hill event at the Balaji Temple, the Everlasting Flame is now another landmark in our shared relationship with our Hindu Brothers and Sisters. May this continue for perpetuity”.
Jimmy Suratia, Chairman of the NWZC

Finally, Jimmy and Dr Rao (Chairman of the Balaji Temple) are working on a very special event for the Parsi and Hindu community for 2014. Exciting information to follow.

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