Balaji Temple

Balaji Temple in Tividale near Birmingham was founded to meet the social needs and the spiritual aspirations of a large number of Hindus in the UK, especially in the Midlands.

At the time of its opening in 1999, this was the largest temple of its kind in the UK. Today, the temple is being visited by people from all over the country and from abroad.

The inspiration for this project is the Thirupathi Temple that forms the spiritual epicentre for millions who make pilgrimages to this place for peace and happiness. This ancient temple, is set amongst seven peaks in the second oldest rock mountains of Eastern Ghats in South India. The temple was richly endowed by many kings over centuries. With nearly 60,000 pilgrims visiting the temple daily, this is the most visited Hindu place of worship in the world and is the second richest in terms of offerings by the devotees.

Thirupathi, a revered and sacred place of worship is also an educational hub comprising of Universities and research centres in wide range of subjects including science, medicine, agriculture, dentistry, engineering, veterinary science etc., and naturally, Sanskrit and Vedic studies. The funds raised in this temple go to uplift the lives of the people by investing in free education, health, preservation of cultural heritage and development of infrastructure in a large area.

After years of search, and with the support from the Black Country Development Corporation, Sandwell Council, Millennium Commission and a growing number of devotees, the site was acquired in 1995 and the temple was opened in 1999.

The East facing temple complex with shrines and the main Gopura is planned symmetrically about a truly East West axis and reflects the South Indian Dravidian styles of architecture with distinctive granite carved Gopuras incorporating many traditional carvings. The community centre reflects the Buddhist style of architecture with distinctive vaulted horse-shoe roof form.

In keeping with the basic tenets of Hinduism, Balaji temple and the community centre are open to the public for meditation, spiritual, cultural and educational activities irrespective of one’s creed, religion and ethnic origin.


The temple complex includes seven Faith hills created to represent seven major faiths in the United Kingdom and India. Lord Buddha’s statue, carved by a local sculptor, was installed on one of the hills in May 2001. Faith hill representing Christianity bears a plaque with an inscription “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and love your neighbour as yourself” which was opened by the archbishop of Canterbury The most rev’d & Rt.Hon. Dr. Rowan Williams when he visited this temple on 15 May 2008.


Shri Venkateswara(Balaji) Temple of UK
Dudley Road East,
West Midlands,
B69 3DU,
Registered Charity No.326712
Tel: 0121 544 2256
Fax: 0121 544 2257



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